Welcome to our web site, Bienvenidos a Nuestra pagina

Thanks for visiting us; on behalf of the members of the JAMUNDI V.F.D. we would like to thank you for visiting our new website. Like any modern Volunteer Fire department; thanks to the Internet, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch and learn more about the services that we provide; and to get to know our community; and our Volunteer Fire Department.

The Jamundi, V.F.D. is a nonprofit organization that rely heavily on fund raising events, donations from the community... please help us continue making a difference, make a donation today !

My Community and my Department are both located in the south western part of the country (Colombia, South America). We proudly and professionally serve a population of 120K. residents in urban and rural area. 

Currently we are accepting " donations from others Fire Departments"  that may have usable surplus equipment and would like to donate; any fire related item that you and your Department may think of, will make a big difference; despite the condition or if it is or not NFPA compliant.

Here is a brief Fire Department overview:

The JAMUNDI volunteer fire department; was organized in march 6 1956 and has been providing outstanding community services ever since 24 hours a day; 7 days a week, 365 days a year  we are there.... helping others.

Our major efforts are in the area of prevention; training and educating our community, and combat all type of fires, rescue injuries from transit accidents, transport patients to or from local hospitals.

We get involve and participate with different type of community events and activities.Miembros del "Sistema Nacional de Bomberos de Colombia"; y reconocidos por la misma entidad como una institucion voluntaria.

 Pumper # 1  1959 Land rover jeep, first pumper 150 gls.
nick name "campirana"    

Voluntarios en formacion, dia de ascensos.